On another templating language

Just an idea; not yet implemented

This is an idea that is not yet implemented.

A while ago I was thinking about a new templating language:

div.test.some {
    p {
        "Quick brown foxes jump over the lazy dog",
        a[href="#"].btn.btn-primary#one {
            "Read more"

Which should be compiled to HTML:

<div class="test some">
        Quick brown foxes jump over the lazy dog
        <br />
        <a href="#" class="btn btn-primary" id="one">
            Read more

And can be minified to:

div.test.some{"hello",p{"Quick brown foxes jump over the lazy dog",br,a[href="#"].btn.btn-primary#one{"Read more"}}}

Compare it to the minified HTML:

<div class="test some">hello<p>Quick brown foxes jump over the lazy dog<br><a href="#" class="btn btn-primary" id="one">Read more</a></p></div>

If I were able to, I might write a compiler—and IntelliSense support—for it. Well, since it is minification friendly, a minification tool for web transfer might as well be provided.