(Not) how I lost my job

And I want to be hired again

It was in the winter last year, when I was still working.

I was as easy to get annoyed as I am now, though I tried to contain myself in the working place and didn’t quite use to burst out shouts or cries when working. As I would always stay up until well after midnight reading with or chatting over my phone, I would always be late or ask for a leave, feel sleepy and distracted, and finally fall asleep the next morning. Things got worse in the winter.

Also I used to procrastinate until deadline—or forever. I would always procrastinate as I still do now, reading irrelevant articles or chatting over QQ when working. I have been trying to use to-dos and the Pomodoro technique to tame my procrastination, but they are, by now, of rather little use to me.

My teamwork was awful as well. Thanks for their toleration over those months.

It’s been another four months since I got fired. Now, when I start thinking, I would feel desperate and guilty. I would rather be reading JavaScript books. And I want to be hired again, if I were able to—but I am afraid not.