Even another TodoMVC application

Almost complete this time

Yup, as you all know, I’ve been into creating and testing TodoMVC apps for quite a long time—with nothing but vanilla JS and/or jQuery.

I’ve created many since late 2014 or early 2015, among which are this demo and this. A modified version of the previous demos was also present in my graduation project. However, since they lack many important features, among them some being just too hard to add without breaking the application architecture, I would announce—even—another demo here.

Here goes the link to today’s demo.


I would love to show this off, because this is the most complete demo I have ever created with at most jQuery by now. Supported features include basic CRUD, routing, and insertion/deletion animations. Supported browsers include IE 8 and above, and other modern browsers.

An issue on a draft about the idea behind this demo.

I wish you would enjoy this new demo. ( • ω • )

What (still) needs to be done…

Yet, I still wish to achieve more in the future. Among them are:

  • Isomorphic server- and client-side rendering,
  • Real-time server-side push support,

and many others. But I guess, with proper server support, those features would not be that hard to add this time. And I wish it were the case.