Hey, my blog is now online.

Things are almost done.

If published tonight, it would be my first article blogged here. The implementation of this blog contains many things I feel good and useful, and I might later write articles about the techniques I have used here.

What I might write

Images — figures, zooming & captions

Figure caption

Left is a demo image (the same as the one used as header background). Image zooming is fast and fluid, and you can try to zoom it in and out.

There’re 4 different kinds of figures, but the one demonstrated is only one of the four.


How to use @font-face to correctly refer to local fonts, and how the font-feature-settings CSS property works — which I am not myself clear about.

What’s yet to be done

I am going to place a share button in article pages.

I would also have to manually maintain every page, and have no plan to generate the pages automatically yet.